Male yogis are permitted to stay and practice for a period not exceeding three months with prior approval of the monastery.

During their stay, all yogis are expected to observe the Eight Precepts and to participate in the daily activities of the hermitage and to strictly follow the routine and schedule of practice.

Please make a request to stay as early as possible before your dates of visit in letter format, marked to the attention of Venerable UdaEriyagama Dhammajiva Maha Thero, providing your name, age, contact details and prior meditation history by email or post at the contact details provided.

Overseas visitors are required to obtain a visa to travel to Sri Lanka and are required to produce your passport and identity card details on arrival.  Local yogis are also required to produce their national identity card on arrival at the monastery.

Please review the document: Guide to Yogis – Meetirigala Nissarana Vanaya for details of the daily schedule and rules of practice at the monastery, before making an application and prior to your arrival at the monastery.