Since the passing away of Venerable Ñānārāma on 30 April 1992, Venerable Pānaduwe Khemānanda became the Abbott of Mitirigala Nissarana Vanaya.  Since that time and until his death at 11.30 pm on 1 July 2006, Venerable Khemānanda continued to lead Mitirigala Nissarana Vanaya, attending to all aspects of the monastery’s needs, including the implementation of a Constitution for the monastery and ensuring that the resident yogis were supported to the fullest.  He is also an accomplished pupil of the Burmese meditation master, Sayadaw U. Panditābhivamsa.

Venerable Khemānanda has numerous publications to his credit, including ‘Asanna Bana – Anāthapindhikovadha sutta‘; Mahāgopālaka sutta; Mahā Vijaya Sutta; Lāba Satkāra Kirthi Prasansā; Nissarana Patipadā; Vimuktiye Dasavidhi Sampatthi, to name a few.

On 5 June 1960, he ordained as a monk at Sri Rohana Yogāshramaya in Ruwanwella as Venerable Panaduwe Khemānanda.  He practiced under the tutelage of Venerable Ñānārāma and Venerable Kadawedduwe Jinavamsa Mahā Thero.

To fulfill his desire to undertake dedicated meditation practice, he sought the permission of his two teachers and moved to a Vipassanā meditation centre in Homagama, Mokubure, which was led by the most revered Burmese meditation master, Sayadaw U Panditābhivamsa.  Having successfully completed his training under Sayadaw U Panditābhivamsa, he returned to Sri Rohana Yogāshramaya in Ruwanwella as a meditation instructor, where he commenced the training of lay devotees attending the centre

On 4 March 1973, he received his higher ordination by Venerable Jinavamsa Mahā Thero. It is documented that Venerable Khemānanda Thero was earnest in restraint and the preservation of his morality, maintaining the precepts with deep respect and protecting his life of monkhood with great reverence.

Venerable Khemānanda undertook all sāsana duties entrusted upon him with integrity.  When Venerable Ñānārāma established the order of monks and the monastic program at Nissarana Vanaya, Venerable Khemānanda gave his utmost support. He subsequently became resident at Mitirigala Nissarana Vanaya in 1967, where he served as a shadow to his teacher, Venerable Ñānārāma, giving his fullest support and ensuring that his duties were full-filled at the hermitage.

Venerable Khemananda was ninety-six years of age at the time of his passing away.  It is recollected by those present at the time of his death that he had passed way with steadfast mindfulness, demonstrating his dedicated practice as a yogi, leaving a shining example to his students and devotees, steeped in the practice of meditation.