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Meetirigala Nissarana Vanaya Meditation Centre offers on-going retreats for male and female yogis throughout the year, under the guidance of Most Venerable Uda Eriyagama Dhammajiva Maha Thero.


Nissarana Vanaya offers a supportive, comfortable and peaceful surrounding for yogis seeking meditation training and practice. The meditation method involves both Samatha and Vipassanâ meditation techniques, drawing from the lineage of the Most Venerable Matara Sri Nanarama Mahathera.  Yogis are required to follow a timetable which involves periods of sitting and walking meditation throughout the day. During retreats, daily interviews and dhamma talks are available in the Sinhalese and English medium


Keeping with tradition, since its inception, the Centre has operated on the principle of generosity. Yogis are not charged a fee.  Any monetary contributions received are used for maintenance and development work for the benefit of yogis and the resident Sangha (lineage of mendicant monks).


About the Teacher  

Venerable Uda Eriyagama Dhammjiva Maha Thero is one of the most revered present day teachers on the Vipassana meditation practice.   

Respected for his widely encompassing knowledge and experience of the various meditation techniques as well as the Burmese Vipassana methods, Venerable Dhammajiva Maha Thero greets his students with an inquiring mind and an approachable candor, combined with his sharp wit. 

Venerable Dhammjiva Maha Thero has undergone intensive training under the guidance of both Most Venerable Matara Sri Nanarama Mahathera and also Sayadaw U Panditabhivamsa in Burma. He is the present day Chief Preceptor of the Meetirigala Nissarana Vanaya Aranya.



A former graduate in Agriculture and proficient scholar in Pali, Burmese, Sinhalese and English, Venerable Dhammjiva Maha Thero has completed over forty publications. He has authored numerous Theravada Buddhist books and has several translations to his credit, having translated rare and invaluable Burmese meditation manuals to Sinhalese and some into English.


Venerable Dhammjiva Maha Thero speaks lucidly on the Buddhist meditation practice and conducts residential retreats in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, UK, USA and Singapore at the invitation of various international Buddhist meditation Centers.


Style of Practice  

All retreats are in the Theravâda tradition with a focus on the Satipatthâna Buddhist meditation practice.  The practice  emulates continuity of mindfulness through  the noting of  physical and mental objects, arising in each moment  during sessions  of sitting meditation, walking meditation and the conduct of daily activities.   

Eight Precepts

The traditional eight precepts must be adhered to during the retreat:

 1. Harmlessness: not intentionally harming or destroying     living creatures

 2. Trustworthiness: not taking anything that is not given

 3. Chastity: refraining from any sexual activity

 4. Right Speech: avoiding false, abusive or malicious speech

 5. Sobriety: refraining from taking any intoxicating drinks or drugs

 6. Renunciation: refraining from the partaking of solids after midday

 7. Restraint: refraining from sensual entertainment or bodily adornments (not wearing make-up, jewellery or immodest clothing; not playing music or musical instruments; refraining from dancing; singing and the use of adornments and ornaments) 

 8. Alertness: to refrain from using high and luxurious seats and beds

Yogis are required to strictly adhere to the rules of the Nissarana Vanaya Meditation centre and to practice diligently, according to the instructions given by the teacher.

Noble Silence

Noble Silence is observed on all Nissarana Vanaya retreats. Noble Silence means no talking or non-verbal communication of any kind, except in emergencies, interviews or discussion times with the teacher. Noble Silence applies not only to speech but also to any signals and written notes (etc) as well as to external contact by telephone or internet.  

Preparing for Retreats

Please review the attached information sheet for further information on Travelling to Sri Lanka, Arrival and registration, Retreat program, Essential reading, Accommodation and meals, What to wear, What to bring, Mobile phones/Cameras/Video recording, Health, The forest monastery....      

View/Download Retreat Information Sheet

Information for Beginners

This document includes useful information for those keen on commencing the meditation practice, require a refresher or find it difficult to access the appropriate resources.      

View/Download Information for Beginners Guide

Meditation Instructions for Beginners

This information sheet contains instructions on sitting meditation, walking meditation and establishing mindfulness in daily activities.      

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